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Breathing techniques and gentle movements

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29th January: Alignment and balance (available now)

In this standing bitesize class, bring your awareness to the alignment of your whole body as you stand, and then moving into balance challenge exercises.

30th January: Abdominals (available now)

In just 10 minutes, work all parts of your core; your abdominals on the mat. A short but sweet workout!

31st January: Hips (available from 5am 31/1/23)

This mat based class strengthens & stretches all of the hip muscles. You’ll feel strong and open in your hips after this one.

1st February: Back & glutes (available from 5am 1/2/23)

Down on the mat, get ready to tone your glutes and back muscles, incorporating mobility and flowing movements for that feel-good factor.

2nd February: Spinal & shoulders (available from 5am 2/2/23)

Standing today, let’s get the energy flowing in the spine and shoulders. You’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed after this quick boost.

3rd February: Twists (available from 5am 3/2/23)

In this sitting class, we perform such exercises as the Pilates Saw, complimented with seated twists, to reset the spine.

4th February: Flexibility (available from 5am 4/2/23)

This is a mat based Yoga inspired class, increasing flexibility in the whole body. Get ready to feel great!

Sports specific #14: Pilates for sciatica - 1/4

Join the first class in Valentina’s ‘Pilates for Sciatica’ series to help improve the discomfort of living with Sciatica. In this session, she focuses on combining breathing techniques with a sequence of gentle movements to release tension in the lower back.

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