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7 new classes for you this week!

In addition to our new classes (below), this week we offer tips and advice on how to overcome the common physical challenges that individuals face when practicing Pilates. Click here to find out how to get the most from your practice.

Back health #2

Suffering with back pain? Join Giuseppe to strengthen and stretch your back, helping you find relief and reduce further pain. This class is easy to follow, enjoyable and very useful.

Hips & pelvis express #3

Mobilise, strengthen and stretch your hips and pelvis in this short and effective session with Christine. Practicing this session will help reduce stiffness and discomfort in minimal time.

Beginners #27: Back to basics

A beginners/improvers session that strips back to basic fundamentals of pilates. Controlled, centred, precise movements based around breath. Taking the time here to set up the foundations of great movement we don’t always have time for in a regular session.

All levels #41: Full body variations

This intermediate level class, with options for beginners, is a total body session. You will start with a standing warm up and the main workout is performed in prone position. Enjoy learning some fun variations with Giuseppe. Cannot be missed!

Pilates fitness #24: Full body fitness

Join Christine for 4 rounds of fitness training. Each round has 60 seconds of cardio (non impact option offered too) and 3 Pilates strength exercises for the core, upper and lower body.

Flexibility & mobility #16: Spinal flexion and extension

Grab a towel or blanket and join Stephanie for this 30 minute class. If you’d like more flexibility and mobility in your spine, then this one’s for you! You are only as old as your spine is young!

CanRehab Pilates #10

This is our specialist session for those participants who have a cancer diagnosis and have undergone, or are going through treatment. This session can again be broken into 3 segments – standing, sitting and lying. We focus on breath and controlled movements to stretch and strengthen.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.


Pilates Scotland Team