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This week at Pilates Scotland

We have updated our Pilates Scotland class library to include 7 new workouts for you to enjoy this coming week. Please see an overview of these new releases below.

Beginners #31: Basic Pilates Principles

This session focuses on some of the basic principles in Pilates taking time to focus on breath and quality movements.

All levels #45: Pilates flow

Join Giuseppe to activate all of your muscles and lead your body and mind to a state of accomplishment. He offers a variety options for all levels so we can all be successful in our movements.

Pilates fitness #28: Fast flow full body workout

You will visit familiar Pilates exercises in this full body workout with Christine but with an exciting twist! You will be challenged to maintain your control and precision in your movements whilst adding a fast pace which will elevate your heart rate. Enjoy this short but intense class to improve your overall fitness.

Back health #6

This session with Stephanie focuses on really stretching out the back muscles, as well as strengthening them, the abdominals, thighs and glutes, helping you on your way to a healthy back! Feel strong, supple and centered.

Express #7: Back

Mobilise and strengthen your back in this express session with Christine. Your posture will thank you!

Flexibility & mobility #20: Morning Pilates

Take time to wake up, stretch and energise your body and mind with Stephanie. Set an intention and a great day ahead!

CanRehab Pilates #14

This class is a specialist session for those with a cancer diagnosis. as usual with these sessions we split the session into sections so that the class can be completed as a whole or in ‘blocks’. Starting standing, a little seated work and finishing lying on our backs.

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Pilates Scotland Team