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Pilates for Tennis

Game, Set, Match ✨
We are excited to launch our second “Sports Specific” Pilates series: Pilates for Tennis✨
Pilates for Tennis with the amazing Giuseppe Cincindella, is a 4 part series, with each part of the series covering a different area to help you get the most out of your game. Our Pilates for Tennis classes cover proprioception, wrists and shoulders, isometric exercises and, rotations and lower back.
You can find them in our “Sports Specific” category in your member area or by clicking on the link below:
🎾Pilates for tennis 1/4: Proprioception (SS#6)
Learn a variety of proprioception exercises with Giuseppe in this class. Practicing his exercises will improve your balance throughout your game, enabling you to perform quick movements and have a quick response to reduce the risk of injury. In this class you will also learn how to warm up your feet and how to achieve fast and automatic control of your muscles.
🎾Pilates for tennis 2/4: Wrists and shoulders (SS#7)
Follow Giuseppe’s class to strengthen and relax 2 parts of the body that are very involved in playing tennis: the wrists and the shoulders, particularly the rotator cuff. Keeping these joints healthy will protect them from discomfort, injuries and will help you to perform your shots with more accuracy.
🎾Pilates for tennis 3/4: Isometric exercises (SS#8)
Giuseppe uses isometric exercises which are very important to strengthen the stabilisers. Following his guidance will help you to maintain balance and stability, during the execution of movements, whilst you play.
🎾Pilates for tennis 4/4: Rotations & lower back (SS#9)
This class concentrates on the fundamental movements in tennis: the torso rotation to prepare the shot and to address the ball. To help you reduce the risk of back injury whilst playing tennis, Giuseppe takes you through exercises for your legs, and body stabilisation work.
We hope you enjoy our Pilates for Tennis series and you soon reap the benefits of this specialised training 💙

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