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Well done for making a very positive step by taking the decision to start Pilates training. Everyone who practises Pilates had to start somewhere and we understand some individuals may find it can be quite daunting however, our instructors are here to support you from the very beginning. So what is Pilates about? Pilates is designed to establish and develop core strength and stability. It improves flexibility and encourages neutral alignment. Pilates is for all fitness levels, all ages and body types. At Pilates Scotland we recommend at least one private lesson when starting out. This will enable your teacher to learn about your individual goals and current challenges, so when planning your next session or class, these can be taken into consideration and included. We are all very approachable at Pilates Scotland and it is important that we know if you are at the start of your Pilates journey. This information will help us to fully support you as you grow in confidence throughout your time with us.

To start you Pilates journey with us or for further information, please contact Christine at [email protected] Christine will be able to offer tips and advice to ensure a comfortable and stress free start.